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Do I need a new roof?

Is your roof in a state of disrepair? Is it old, tired and leaving your home exposed to the Auckland elements?

A new roof is often the best, most cost effective solution for the homeowner or landlord to protect their property.

As your roof is your home’s first line of defense against harsh UV rays from the New Zealand sun, water damage from Auckland’s heavy rain or exposure to salt and erosion from our coast lines, it is your number one priority for restoration and repair.  Leaving a damaged, old or leaky roof on your property over time will lead to more serious and costly problems throughout your home, so if you’re concerned, it’s better to get it checked.

What do I have to consider when installing a new roof?

In terms of costing, you need to be thinking about the size of the roof, followed by materials, which are usually priced per square metre.
You’ll need to factor in materials costs, as well as installation. Looking long-term, it’s always best not to compromise on quality and professional installation as you could end up having to pay the same again in just a few years. Plus you can trust professionals to meet sometimes confusing legislative and building code requirements.  

Cutting corners when it comes to your roof won’t be the wisest move in the long run.

When should a Roof Replacement be done?

Your home is your castle, and your castle needs it’s roof! Roof replacements can be done at any time. They should always be done if there is more than one layer of shingles on the roof, or if there are more problems suspected with the roof deck. If the shingles and roof are in very poor shape, a roof replacement is also the best answer, as it allows all problems to be addressed, rather than simply covered up.  

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