Wall Cladding Panels

Scott Bogue Steel Roofing supplies wall cladding panel systems for all purposes within the commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

Versatile, Durable, Long-Lasting

We offer an extensive range of profiles, finishes and coloured wall cladding panels to meet the specific needs of your building operation. Our panels are versatile, durable, and long lasting with strong thermal performance, quick installation and concealed fixings, as well as excellent spanning capabilities. All of our cladding panels are lightweight, provide superb leakage performance and give a beautiful finish to the facade of your property.

We offer horizontal or vertical cladding installation with a cost-effective, efficient and reliable service.

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Why choose Scott Bogue Wall Cladding?

  • Proven Structural Integrity
  • Fire Code Compliance
  • Unique Enveloped Fixings
  • Environmental Efficiency
  • Design and Aesthetic Flexibility
  • Weathertight and Durable
  • System Reliability and Integrity

Leaky Building Solutions

We offer remedial recladding work for water ingress damage, otherwise known as ‘leaky buildings.’ We provide a long-term solution, providing weather tightness and durability.

We can provide panels to match your existing cladding structures, or a complete repanelling- removing all leaky structures without having to disrupt the profile of your home.

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